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posted in Generalby Guest 07-14-24-02:56 PM
Greek mythology based
posted in Dedicationby Guest 11-07-22-06:33 AM
This poem is about the mysteries of Falling in Love it's like a puzzle so this poem is written as a puzzle
unrequited love
posted in Spokenby Guest 09-20-22-02:15 PM
ongoing operation with a passing intent of discovering Jeff Bezos cyberpsychologically
posted in Generalby Guest 09-06-22-10:01 PM

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Hi Esteep.

Baebay! When I say you got me ready to call my friend, you had me wanting to call my friend! You did that! So honest, raw, complete with open legs. Very nice!

The existential dread. Often times an inspiring place to write from, albeit a dark one. Your poem gives us insight into those thoughts we all have. The feeling of despair is captured here in your words.
Favorite line-Heart feels so heavy it could drown a ship.
Frost is rolling in his grave, with tears in his eyes and slaps on both thighs.