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posted in Generalby Guest 07-20-22-01:13 AM
Non-fiction prose poem.
posted in Generalby Guest 06-29-22-07:13 PM
She's great with herring. Don't delay, offer good till it ends.
posted in Generalby Guest 06-16-22-02:28 AM
An ode to dear Hugo in English, though he was from Southern Slobovia.

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Frost is rolling in his grave, with tears in his eyes and slaps on both thighs.
A ridiculous write screamed with heavenly divine.
The posted piece is not a poem--no poetic elements were used. It is ordinary prose, and prosaic in content that preaches a message to the reader. Poets are not preachers or psychologists. Poetry is about using imagery, by way of metaphor, heightened language, and other writing devices, to SHOW, not tell, what the poet wishes to express. A poetic masterpiece may be about something trivial, an inanimate object, for example; it's about HOW it's written, not the subject matter.