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Inspirational poetry is written with the intent to motivate and encourage the reader with special messages that impart confidence, hope, and success.
Holding on to painful memories only increases the pain so inorder to liberate ourselves from the chains of memories we need to let it all go.
a poem by Mishi
Letting go can be a hard thing to do but once you set your mind to something it isn't really difficult to act on it.
a poem by Mishi
Trying to confine ourselves in the molds created by others through restricting our personality and ambitions to fit in this flawed society. There comes a time when we need to be in control and make our lives more passionate and meaningful.
a poem by Mishi
Be Open
a poem by Hernan
Keeping up with life
a poem by Hernan
better days are coming
a poem by Hernan
a poem by RunWrite
Just Do It
a poem by Hernan
We all need love and we all deserve love . Self love is the key to keep you standing strong and bravely facing everything life throws at you
a poem by Mishi
I want to manifest my dreams to make them real to make my family's life better
a poem by awritersmind21
Be Awoke
a poem by Hernan
a poem by Hernan


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