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posted in Love by RunWrite 05-28-21-05:19 PM
Trying to confine ourselves in the molds created by others through restricting our personality and ambitions to fit in this flawed society. There comes a time when we need to be in control and make our lives more passionate and meaningful.
posted in Inspirational by Mishi 08-28-20-03:32 PM
posted in General by Robert Trakofler 11-10-20-01:53 PM
A Dark Parody
posted in Dark by Creepy megan 12-05-19-12:11 AM
posted in Inspirational by RunWrite 06-11-21-09:31 AM
posted in Dark by RunWrite 09-24-20-10:38 AM
posted in General by RunWrite 11-02-20-02:49 PM
posted in Inspirational by Hernan 09-15-20-11:49 AM
posted in Dark by RunWrite 11-11-20-10:23 AM
I want to manifest my dreams to make them real to make my family's life better
posted in Inspirational by awritersmind21 11-13-21-10:23 AM