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A feeling of person who lost her pure love.
posted in Dark by BaRaQii 04-23-19-11:49 PM
posted in Erotica by Esteep 03-16-21-01:43 AM
posted in Rants by RunWrite 11-03-20-05:01 PM
Simply said: pain, suffering, horror, and fear come in many forms. They can all be put into a few words to explain them all
posted in Dark by Mary A Cournoyer 06-01-19-10:45 PM
posted in Love by RunWrite 10-08-20-10:22 AM
I was not conscious when I wrote this but I sorta liked it
posted in Random by Robert Trakofler 10-20-20-05:05 PM
An ode to dear Hugo in English, though he was from Southern Slobovia.
posted in General by Guest 06-16-22-02:28 AM