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posted in Spiritual by Esteep 06-05-22-09:07 PM
We all need love and we all deserve love . Self love is the key to keep you standing strong and bravely facing everything life throws at you
posted in Inspirational by Mishi 08-28-20-03:45 PM
This disastrous heart is the only thing that keeps me from turning into a cold monster.
posted in Rants by Mishi 08-31-20-09:16 PM
In our blind persuit of happiness and people who aren't meant for us we all lose a part of ourself loving someone who doesn't deserve it.
posted in Grieving by Mishi 08-31-20-10:41 AM
Thanks for your time.
posted in Dedication by Whiteneo 09-30-20-06:41 PM
posted in General by RunWrite 08-27-20-02:35 PM
posted in General by RunWrite 09-04-20-11:00 AM
Mornings are such artistic creations as they bring new hope and positivity along with them.
posted in Spiritual by Mishi 08-31-20-09:28 PM
Unconditional love
posted in General by Hernan 09-06-20-05:13 PM
posted in Rants by Robert Trakofler 09-20-20-11:57 AM