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posted in Celebrationsby Guest 07-14-21-04:47 AM
Womanhood, Ageism, Beauty
posted in Darkby Guest 07-14-21-04:27 AM
Chronic Illness, Pain, Anger,

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09-05-20-02:21 PMMsdawggy Wrote: So on point! Thank you

that is true
07-30-21-02:06 PMWayne Wrote: This is just playin

Not my best
This is just playin
A true glimpse of a life portrait painted with the colors of experience, and progression, in life, and inner truth. Brilliantly written and expressed!
Now this is a grand celebration of life, this poem has a happy, joyful ambient air of positivity, the text color works perfectly to bring the vibrance to life, such talent.


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