Please read over the rules for submission before you add your writings to the website. If you have any questions, please read the terms of website use right here.
    Rules for submission:
  • Your writings must be 100% original and belong to you.
  • Do not post someone else's writing.
  • Please proofread your writing for spelling, and type errors.
  • Do not post vulgar material, slander, hate, sexism, or racism.
  • Do not extreme adult content, or graphic material.
  • How many poems can I add to the website?
    There is no limit to the number of poems that you can add to the website. We love poetry, so we hope that you add a lot of poetry to the website. The more poems that you add, the better.

  • How do I edit my poem?
    To edit your poem, navigate to the poem that you want to edit, look toward the bottom of the story, right below the copyright stamp there is a link that says “Edit”, click the link and you will be taken to the edit submission page. After you make the desired edits, then click the “Update Submission” button, and you will be redirected to your newly edited submission.

  • My poem text looks messed up:
    The main reason poetry text appears messed up is because the submission was copy and pasted into the submission form. Never copy and paste directly into the submission form, you can copy and paste into the submission form but you need to paste your story in source view mode. To access the source view, just go to the submission form and click the source view button that appears in the submission form nav bar.

  • Can anyone submit a poem?
    Yes, any person who is 13 years or older can add poetry to the website.

  • Can I submit any kind of poetry?
    Yes, we have a variety of categories to fit every style of poetry, including free verse and form.

  • Can I add someone else's poetry?
    No, you cannot take someone else's poetry and submit it on Poetry Lake. We only accept original poetry written by the original author.

  • How do I edit my poetry?
    Somple, just browse to any of your poems, and look at your name at the bottom of the poem, there is an "edit poem" link next to your name.

  • How do I delete my poetry?
    You cannot delete any poetry once it has been submitted, and showing on the site. Poetry cannot be deleted, this is to protect the quality of the site, and the integrity of the poetry archive.

  • How long should my poems be?
    There is no specific limit or minimum word count for poems. You can submit short or long poems. Just make sure that your poem is well written, that is the most important thing, because your poetry will be read by hundreds, if not thousands of people.

  • What if someone steals my poetry?
    Concerning internet published content, piracy and plagiarism are always a regard, like anything on the internet, we can not guarantee that someone won't try to claim ownership of your submitted material. However, whenever you publish anything (in a book, magazine, on the internet, etc.) you automatically have an implied copyright. This is indicated by the' © Year Your Name' which we place at the end of each story/poem/video. And, if a situation were to arise in which you would need to prove ownership, we--as an objective third party--would be able to provide a 'Date of Publication' which would almost certainly debunk the thief's claim of ownership. It's also worth noting, too, that we've yet to have any problems with theft.

  • Do you steal my poetry?
    Nope. Just see our full Terms of Service. By posting your work you allow us, Poetry Lake, a perpetual, irrevocable, world-wide, royalty free and non-exclusive license to use, distribute, reproduce, modify and publicly display your content. That is to say, you allow us to post it on the website. We don't get paid, and we don't have exclusive rights to your work. Poetry Lake does not claim ownership of the content you submit, nor do we make available for inclusion on the Service.