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It seems you are quite the poet yourself!~
This was beautiful, haunting and sad. Loved it.
This is darkness personified. You reach in to the depth and pull out the heart. Amazing!
You got some serious talent! There's a lot to process here and so much symbolism! Beautifully written. What do the dead bodies symbolize? I have some ideas, but I want the understanding to come from you. I really enjoyed reading this and I'm usually not one for poems. It's haunting and very profound. Great job!
Wow, this is so tragic and so poetically in-tune, a real sculpted work of passion that captures the art of the sorrow!
Amazing job!
Wow, so deep, so dark, so stunning. The abyss. Slipping in to the darkness. I loved this. Thanks for sharing your talent!
You're not a monster. You're just being you. Angel are not hard to find, it's just you're not ready to see someone as angel.

You want to be cured by people, but the thing is, we can't be cured by other, than ourselves. They can assist us to heal but not heal us.

Don't let the dark inside your heart, keeping you from being dreaming to be better in the future, you hold your future not other.

Please stop claiming yourself as a monster. Because, you're just you. You're just Aiman that I know. Smile ?