Flesh & Blood

Flesh & Blood

Parents are your first love
Flesh & blood
Flesh & blood
It's supposed to be pure like love
You created me
And I came out of your womb
When I came out you were reminiscing
About the day you were fixing up my room
Coming out in a sea of blood
I remember when you first kissed me & gave me a hug

Flesh & blood
Flesh & blood
You were my first & only love
The only love I ever knew
You told me from now on it's just me & you
Together we bonded, we grew
I was stuck on you like glue

Flesh & blood
Flesh & blood
Don't you see?
You run through my DNA
When I got older we astray
Everytime you'd leave
I'd cry & beg for you to stay
You were always sending me away

Flesh & blood
Flesh & blood
Do you remember when you told me
It's just me & you?
The bond we had was the tightest
You were always there when I was shining my brightest
You seen me take my first steps
It was so complex
You were there to see me speak my first words
You gave me the biggest reward

Flesh & blood
You created me
And told me you'd always stay with me
You lied to me
You abandoned me when I needed you most
You vanished, you turned into a ghost
In the beginning I was so naive you were easy to trust
But how can there be any trust
If there was never an US
The US was in me, it was never in you
The US was in I
In what I saw in THESE eyes
In what I believed to be the ugly truth
The trust in US were lies
You stole the innocence of my youth

© Esteep - 03-19-21-07:05 AM

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A true glimpse of a life portrait painted with the colors of experience, and progression, in life, and inner truth. Brilliantly written and expressed!

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