For Love

For Love

I want to manifest my dreams to make them real to make my family's life better
I have these dreams, and I never want to wake up.
I see everything I've ever wanted. It makes me
want to reach for my desire, to reach people and
I never want to go back to that pain again that I used
to know. That's The purpose of writing getting it out
so it's no longer inside, not giving you a choice but
laying dormant and hide it's a parasite that feeds
off of negativity, and I can't let that be a part of 
me. I am determined to make myself known I just
I want everything I've never had I want it for
to own and to share with my family so that 
they can also rise with me, and we will be 
A force that's stuck in our emotions, 
 the ones where we feel let down, sad 
And hurt that will be no more. They   
will lay in the dirt. I know I can't always
be happy daily; I want to change our view
and let us see the sight of meadows right now
we're shrouded in the dark it's hell; it hurts
here so no longer can we stay this pace. I have
to fight claw and try to pull me up so that my
daughter will never have to look at me and say why

© awritersmind21 - 11-13-21-10:23 AM

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Hi, my name is awritersmind21, and I am new here. I've written a book, and I'm working on getting it published. It's already on Kindle eBooks; it's my first, so I also want to get it done through an actual publishing agency, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping everything goes for the best! I've been writing poetry since my teens off and on; it was more frequent in my 20's I'm looking for a place to post poetry and write about things that I'm currently dealing with, so it's nice to meet you all, and I hope I get to know some incredible people on here thank you!! [More]...

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