Goodbye Heartbreak

Goodbye Heartbreak

All I wanted was
One little taste of you
But I kept going back for more
After every encounter I end up
Feeling like a used condom 
That’s been washed 
Up to the shore
Every kiss was as if it
Was my very first hit
Of a drug that’ll 
Make you turn
 Into an addict 

It’ll make you turn
Into an addict from 
A simple touch 
It would be the
Way you’d caress 
My toes 
The way your hands
Feel under my clothes
The way your dick
Would stand up and impose...

It’ll make you turn
Into an addict from
The way you’d stare
Into my eyes 
Or how when you’d smile
At me and I’d get shy
As I think of all these things
I start to tell myself how 
We need to cut ties 
But I get so stuck cause
I think of the way 
You’d separate my thighs...
It was only a matter of time
Till we had to say goodbye

© Esteep - 04-11-21-10:10 PM

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