Grey Hair Empowerment

Grey Hair Empowerment

Womanhood, Ageism, Beauty
Grey Hair Empowerment
Oh, she wore
her gray hair, pinned up
she says, he says, they said.
metal bobby-pins held the strongest strand
in its rightful place, course and stiff,
was the curl, resembling steel-wool,
the hair speckled in the light
bouncing about it kept catching
this strand, her visage angular,
cool as a silver glitter moon,
from a cartoon,
grey-white albino fox was she.
then the next event,
she wore grey hair
and gray suit,
grey clouds hung as backdrops
to a grey mood
shimmering out, was her moonstone ring
black grey were her painted nails
her life was grey ‘because’ she is
said to be ‘aging’ - sixty-one.
gray was her love, it too
had a special muted shade,
nevertheless, it was powerful wisdom,
this vintage intimacy
held fortitude in long stemmed
elegant places
as did her cheeks
which rose tender,
so high,
all the other gray eyes
not stop
observing her.
beholden were they
to her grey.

© Guest - 07-14-21-04:47 AM

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Added 07-14-21

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