Hugo First or  Third

Hugo First or Third

An ode to dear Hugo in English, though he was from Southern Slobovia.
Hugo had a red yoyo
and also kept a widget.
He wrote a poem about a crow
because he liked to fidget.
On the way to jail one day
Hugo met a fop.
The fop refused to prance or play
he only liked to mop.
So Hugo headed on to jail
where all his friends were sweet.
Vito handed him a pail
and said to make things neat.
Harry overheard their game
and told the crowd to jeer
but most there thought old Harry lame
so started drinking beer.
The beer was light without a bite,
too bad the matron said,
her kinkajou was much too tight
which sent her straight to bed.
On and on the piper picked
a tune so outta sight
that Louie's brother had him kicked
from thirteenth story height.

The years went by, and past denied,
Hugo dined whilst tying flies.
But later on when hogs grew wide
he cried for porcine pies.

© Guest - 06-16-22-02:28 AM

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