I Birthed The Sun ☀️

I Birthed The Sun ☀️

I birthed the Sun
And watched 
The rain turn 
Into sunshine 
I birthed the sun
And watched the
Rain turn into 
Sunshine two times
While you both
Were shining so bright 
At bliss feeling like
I was on cloud nine
As if I was in another world
And took a flight
While you both 
Turned my pain
Into joy, even when I 
Got mad stepping 
On all of your
Little toys 
Scolding you as
You talk about 
These little boys 
Yet you little girls 
Turned my pain
Into joy 
Bittersweet moments 
I’ll forever enjoy
I birthed the sun two times 
As I watched the 
Rain turn into sunshine 
Your hugs and kisses
As sweet as sweet 
Potato pie 
And as I hold you
Both I get all
These butterflies 
Feeling so blessed 
That you’ll both forever
Be mine
Only because I birthed
The sun two times 
And my little girls
Turned my pain
Into sunshine 

© Esteep - 03-20-21-07:40 AM

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Now this is a grand celebration of life, this poem has a happy, joyful ambient air of positivity, the text color works perfectly to bring the vibrance to life, such talent.

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1 Comment
Added 03-20-21

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