In your Love I Live

In your Love I Live

This poem is about the mysteries of Falling in Love it's like a puzzle so this poem is written as a puzzle
[b]In the middle of the day, the love you send me comes to say hey, I welcome it.                                                                                            In texts and plans for the day, we are free from what holds us.                        I remember how you used to layer your kisses and sweet nothings; they have their place in my memory,                                   and when I get tired and not feeling myself,                                             I pull them up, and then I'm back at my best.                                      The sweetest thing you ever did was love me;                                                        you are and always will be so precious.                                                 I think of you singing all the time.                                                      I remember most of the songs and the lines of music you always gave me an entire concert. Those were the times that made me blush.                                                                                                     On you, I am just a lush.    [/b]

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