Light Will Find You

Light Will Find You

This poem is about how someone else's anger can try to change how you feel
When you are ignored and not given a second chance, it's easy to say I give up, but you don't have to because people treat you how they feel about themselves. It's about their issues coming out and putting their problems on other people. If someone is disrespecting you full of anger and they're screaming, and their body is tense, then they're putting their issues on you, so what you have to do is hold on to your will because you don't own the problems they do you own yours. They're trying to hurt you because they're hurt, and that's not fair. You can't judge someone's situation because you feel excessive hatred at that moment; if you're angry, then you should try to confide in someone. Then try love instead, hug someone, compliment someone, say hi to people walking down the street, find your happiness wherever it comes from because anger will only take over your mind and make you gray, and writhing in pain and love will give you nothing but time to clear your mind.

© awritersmind21 - 11-11-21-02:36 PM

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The posted piece is not a poem--no poetic elements were used. It is ordinary prose, and prosaic in content that preaches a message to the reader. Poets are not preachers or psychologists. Poetry is about using imagery, by way of metaphor, heightened language, and other writing devices, to SHOW, not tell, what the poet wishes to express. A poetic masterpiece may be about something trivial, an inanimate object, for example; it's about HOW it's written, not the subject matter.

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