Listen for the Whisper

Listen for the Whisper

Listen for the Whisper
Though my motion will cease to stir
And voice no longer heard
Long past movements entreat to spur
Breathes billow to my words

And please listen for the whispers
Those times you fell or ached
Recall my soothes oh so tender
And feel my warm embrace

Please don’t grieve my loss lost passage
My grave resides in you
The progeny of my passion
Those whispers sing for you

I have never been good at writing about “death” for someone that is grieving. The audacity of presumption on my part as the author to remark upon something so very personal made for many a troublesome attempt. One day after attending an old family friends funeral, the eloquent and heartfelt eulogy expressed in the service by his son stayed with me. In a eureka moment I realized I could only write of this as if it was me trying to console the ones I left, hence this poem. As always thank you for taking the time to read and or hear my scrawls it is, very much appreciated :)

© Robert Trakofler - 09-17-20-06:55 AM

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Wow, just remarkable. I mean this is the poet's song, immortal. I love that you have added this gem to the archive, thank you so much.

This will be my epitaph i think.

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Added 09-17-20

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I have an antiques & vintage clothing store that's also an art gallery and vegan restaurant. I use the space as a venue for poetry and music as well as for filming and photography. I am an aesthete I have a deep love for artful expressions in myriad forms. I have always been a poet but i am also a drummer and a singer and lyric writer. I enjoy repurposing my unsold antiques and trash (whatever I find) into other things and sell them. My business is minimal waste, what i don't sell I give away to food banks I even recycle my food prep waste to a local worm farm and land reclamation project. This is the theme of me… I was discarded trash somehow I managed to survive the streets, homelessness a... [More]...

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