There are moments in time when we start questioning our existence and the purpose of our creation and the tangled mess of thoughts starts tightening it's grip to the point it starts getting suffocating.
Do you know that feeling
When you look at the ceiling
You feel so sad you want to cry
But tears don't come and you just sigh
Heart feels so heavy it could drown a ship
Torment so painful as if beaten by a whip
Anxious with your own existence you toss and turn
Looking for a meaning you feel the burn
Stacks and stacks of unanswered questions
Keep rising and falling in all directions
With no one to guide you drift apart
Feeling lost and dark inside your heart

© Mishi - 08-31-20-02:52 PM

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So on point! Thank you

09-05-20-02:21 PMMsdawggy Wrote: So on point! Thank you

that is true

The existential dread. Often times an inspiring place to write from, albeit a dark one. Your poem gives us insight into those thoughts we all have. The feeling of despair is captured here in your words.
Favorite line-Heart feels so heavy it could drown a ship.

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Added 08-31-20

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a poem by Mishi
a poem by Mishi
a poem by Mishi
a poem by Mishi
a poem by Mishi

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