Master of One, Second to None

Master of One, Second to None

The pain subsides 
As the ego starts to realize 
That it was fighting against 
The tides while it made
The soul hide, disregarding 
The fact that the soul was
Supposed to be it’s guide
Through this journey of life
Mocking the wisdom that 
Our soul provides 
Forgetting where it is
That our soul resides 
Somewhere along the
Way there was a divide
Waiting for the day that
The ego and soul would collide
I can look into your eyes
And see that you have not
Realized how much time 
Has went by 
Eventually you learned 
Instead of fighting
Against the tides
You’d flow with the tides 
So there can no longer
Be any pain that would
Have to subside
Instead the ego and soul
Would be able to subscribe 
To being intertwined 
Into one
So that the ego
Can be the shell
That protects our soul
While our soul continues
To guide us through
This journey of life 
In a way where 
We can balance
Out the two 
This way we know
What it’s like to actually 
Live and feel alive 
Because the difference 
I see in you, I see in me
The difference I see in 
Me, I see in you
That’s the difference 
Between the two
We’re not so
Different after all 
If we’re all trying
To master how to
Become one
In my eyes,
I’m second to none

© Esteep - 06-05-22-09:07 PM

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