Pretty in Stink

Pretty in Stink

She's great with herring. Don't delay, offer good till it ends.
[font="Book Antiqua", serif]Pretty in Stink[/font]
[font="Book Antiqua", serif] [/font]
[font="Book Antiqua", serif]My cousin is a Danish Dwarf[/font]
[font="Book Antiqua", serif]Who works along the local wharf[/font]
[font="Book Antiqua", serif]Where she’s employed to squeeze into[/font]
[font="Book Antiqua", serif]Holding tanks to scrape off goo.[/font]
[font="Book Antiqua", serif]She seldom bathes and reeks of rot,[/font]
[font="Book Antiqua", serif]The stench so awful when it’s hot[/font]
[font="Book Antiqua", serif]That Cruise Ships will not visit here[/font]
[font="Book Antiqua", serif]For fear their guests may get too near[/font]
[font="Book Antiqua", serif]And catch some vile disease from her,[/font]
[font="Book Antiqua", serif]Then ruin trip like saboteur. [/font]
[font="Book Antiqua", serif] [/font]
[font="Book Antiqua", serif]Helga’s hungry for a date,[/font]
[font="Book Antiqua", serif]A reader here she’d like to mate;[/font]
[font="Book Antiqua", serif]So don’t be coy and hesitate,[/font]
[font="Book Antiqua", serif]All know poem buffs are desperate. [/font]

[font="Book Antiqua", serif]© 2022 Sven Olofsson Ahl[/font]

© Guest - 06-29-22-07:13 PM

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