Reflective Poetry

Reflective Poetry

Chronic Illness, Pain, Anger,
Warning. This work is based on real life and may contains descriptions that may trigger some readers who have a history of mental illness or have experienced traumatic events. Please be aware before reading this book, please take care and keep safe and secure. Please seek professional assistance if you are triggered from reading real life events.
Hate Poem
This poem is nasty
I warn you.

Because I hate you with my deepest
Feeling, you are vile beyond words,
You barely deserve words, but there are here so they are yours
You ruin all that is new, clean free, or special.
You are pain in the colours of evil,
You are green and grey and the colours of death, blue fragmented.
Skins of the dying, all races reject you, all people do.
You are an equivalent of demonic, you are nothing, but you want to be to me,
You can walk away now, but you will not,
You live like a parasite on my blood and all the blood of the
Chronically ill. I hate you till there is no hate left,
Worse than any spoilt child am I, worse than any dictator are you,
I have no room for maturity now, no room for intellect, no room for attention or care, do not suggest it anyone, or I will hiss loudly, and I will spit like a terrified dog.   
If I were to witness, you as one whole being -
I would torture you and bend you in ways that are not even imaginable to the human spirit. I hate all the little parts of you that make up this so-called chronic illness. Do not ask me to walk with you, do not ask me to love you or like you or befriend you. do not ask me for any form of respect. I would RATHER to perish.
You the putrid void that I was not able to bypass. One day you will be forgotten and totally insignificant because I will no longer exist for you to exist in, till then, I hate you.  

© Guest - 07-14-21-04:27 AM

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