Trauma Love

Trauma Love

Getting over trauma love
I know it’s
Been a year 
And shit is 
Getting old
It’s hard to let
The memories go
But I do want 
To let the
Memories go
The thoughts of
Your broken love
Has been painful 
As I sit at this 
Empty table 
Thinking of all
The times you’ve 
Been unfaithful ...

The way you’d 
Throw my love
To the side,
You were ungrateful 
Your hurtful words
Were fatal 
Shit started to 
Become unstable 
When you first came
Into my life I 
Thought you were
Some sort of fallen Angel
I won’t say that the 
Time with you 
has been wasteful 
The way you’ve treated
Me has felt like a betrayal

At times I get so angry
I get so angry at 
The times I made
You feel free
When I thought 
It was just you and me
The grass is no 
Longer as green 
There’s this part 
Of myself I lost 
And can no 
Longer reach 
I get stuck on
My speech 
I stutter when 
I speak
Cause I can’t 
Articulate what I see 

So I cry...
Hoping the time
Would fly by
As I stare at
Myself in the
Mirror with my puffy
Red eyes...
I came to the
Realization that, 
It’s okay to love you
But the love I feel
Is dead inside
My love never got
Watered, like a plant
That dries out when
The sun shines

© Esteep - 05-18-21-12:41 AM

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