How do you explain seeing him in every frame
You remember every kiss, every touch, every word
Your heart is black from torture. What are you seeing?
He has passed; he has become another being
But emotions and love still run strong
You can't sleep at night because you still hear him
Singing songs. You are captivated by his memory
You realize that you want to be everywhere
That he is, But you can't go because his home
Is in the sky he's watching you now
When you laugh and when you cry
So if you see your past love 
That made a difference in your life
Just smile because you still have there
Love that's why their spirit comes
And checks on you and sends you their love
Wishing you the best from above

© awritersmind21 - 11-11-21-09:59 PM

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Hi, my name is awritersmind21, and I am new here. I've written a book, and I'm working on getting it published. It's already on Kindle eBooks; it's my first, so I also want to get it done through an actual publishing agency, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping everything goes for the best! I've been writing poetry since my teens off and on; it was more frequent in my 20's I'm looking for a place to post poetry and write about things that I'm currently dealing with, so it's nice to meet you all, and I hope I get to know some incredible people on here thank you!! [More]...

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