Will It

Will It

Cross that list
And swallow the glass
The jagged and rips
But will it pass?

To waste those years
It's not the way
Growth is here
But will it stay?

Move new breath
This fills a life
Love new depths
But will it die?

No time here
This moment pains
Aside with tears
But will it drain?

There is a sun
Warmth and hope
Give in and run
But will I cope?

Yes it passes and the best will stay
Things may die but you won't be drained
Coping takes time, healing does too
There is strength together, it's not just you

© RunWrite - 10-16-20-09:50 AM

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Added 10-16-20

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a poem by RunWrite
a poem by RunWrite
a poem by RunWrite
a poem by RunWrite
a poem by RunWrite

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