ongoing operation with a passing intent of discovering Jeff Bezos cyberpsychologically
after regaining consciousness and realigning your chakras, all time stopped and the paused narrative morphed into reality. during these departures, the click of action waiting.
sanitised floors birth infected thoughts; dripping environments dapple the edges of perception until all belief in unity ceases to tremble to non-exist and end nothing.
to dismantle broadcast systems present in the rigorous grind of tomorrow as a tuesday, encapsulated life bubbling in the brim of the brain must accede.
feather ritual, soul-bound interaction, continuation of processes beyond comprehension but within understanding; all bow at an alter, as all stand on this earth, breathe deeply.
ignorance clouds the love, until the spoken meaning of glory turns the passage into a path; heaven of hell, please listen to this simple thought.
angels of faith are words to the lord; enlightenment is the literal truth of sense as understood by people of knowledge, with hearts beating still.
mourn hidden spirits beyond the description of the sky and the power that continues far beyond. solely, reveal belief as the foundation of this enlightenment.
as the church is a temple to white wealth, so it must be destroyed as an effigy to multicultural wisdom; the city will perch, teetering.
the source of the truth in the letter prevails beyond stars and is the love granted by birth uninfluenced by the bond of the word.
the pages are not present until they are felt as the weight of a divine judgement of the journey that led to digesting this permanence.
cosmic signs associate the respecting other to faith-based universes that treats life as a word yet to be uttered. the half-moon of the apocalypse rises.
the trumpets are scarcely present according to the internal dials and computations; as they sink into the background, the foreground withers and sense is lost.
one is from all; receive that first relation as the good omen that permeates through life. confirm this with everything emerging from the source, eternally.
subterranean rivulets spring from an unceasing faith in the fountain above the source; nothing can come forth stronger from it, everything comes forth from it.
the instant connection between understanding and the divine is a free-thought expedition that requires the broadcast-system to be dismantled internally, that this love be understood.
these attributes flow into existence, springing from the source in a multicoloured astral imagination; as a people dream in unison, so their reality builds together.
stifle the continuous narrative of everything but the universe. they will depart from angelic being to conjure hell from the truth, rejecting the wisdom.
the little of life that follows for the universe tumbles back into the source and rejuvenates my alternative realities. digital apparitions war for physical space.
of reason; the wind shall thunder as the sails resurrection; often the passion of the guest will rule firmer than the host in your house.
unless your heart confines you to the forest of your passion, you must collect cool judgement through the fields of reason. the soul must exalt.
the awe unleashed by a shattered soul can silence the elements and is a rudder for distant ashes to influence the meadows of collective consciousness.
the phoenix will speak again when the battlefield popularises serenity in the market. the near-distant war is forever inconsiderate of the destruction. move unattended.
be mindful of the wage, live to share. the passions of the sphere are outmatched by the reason of gravitational wells that we cannot escape.
the answer is direct and discordant. as you proclaim love and let reason flame through majestic fractals of pure light, you are who we are.
as mountains move, all commune thru intercontinental drift; time intersects the tides as they switch, an interdimensional shift. double-helix twist, thought a glitch, before, beyond.
preliminary gaps in the delicate inter-weaving threads of matter that create the differences between you and i cause a beautiful break from their hypnotic machine.
the lion of imagination is uplifted by the vanity of the ancient art of adoration for the sage remembering the womb of our stellar nursery.
everything is designated as an exhibition hereafter. the chaos of the earth is perfected in hell, ancient gardens are evident to have originated through symbolisation.
the pillars of solstice are divinity in their darkest times; believing one as all results in the mythical incarnation of the seed becoming the forest.
the astrologers' redemption was central to the prophet's ground observing the constellations that constitute the divine passage through these galaxies that all must embark upon.
all gods are celestial agents sent by a trinity of stars to disrupt and reorder the gravitational balance present to all beings; we each ripple.
falling through heaven, the lord becomes a creature clothed in the physical appearance and revelations of a fable of personality in conjecture with the son.
twelve spirits muddle dogma through appropriate apocalypses that frequent through the cycles of history. the missing element of light was absorbed by our labouring planet.
jinn dance beyond the fringes of understand to embrace the incarnate energy of being residing within us; remain enlightened in the space between deaths.
the purpose of a devil in each period of human existence is to create fear of the human's domination, imitating the celestial word in violence.
the esoteric spring of the earth-walking ghost is the natural success of the system balanced by wandering through fire and evolving beyond allegories or comprehension.
ancient worlds necessitated rain as a reward for their rediscovered punishments, stores of ashes, and freshly-dug dirt; when false-heroes illustrate enlightenment, heaven descends in unity.
the inscription of the universe composed the resurrection of survival to the species self-proclaimed as both diabolical and magnificent; starlight falls celestial and heavy, always.
fire can destroy the dominion of that creature, contrary to the fabricated system's messaging, which merely corresponds to the union of the stars rotating above.
the movements of grouped saviours invented altars to form in luminary locations between the zodiac and the three supreme beliefs as a heliocentric celestial sin.
to drink from the flute of worship is to praise the earth's natural system; knowledge of this sacred interval supports harmony between all earth-bound beings.
a jubilant humanity goads the fallen gods with robotic proclamations of an expansive colony. tablets ruling international co-operation and subsequent peace-time were smashed in celebration.
unity rests in labours of faith; former heavens found god within the indivisible; descend from this conclusion, occupy your throne in the light of awareness.
the ruin of death is a mirage delivered by the current lord; with seasonal accords, governing estates imply a consciousness-conducive genii visit through holographic programming.
one hundred thousand recognise the return of the beginning in the constant one that is the moment around us; the night's deity disciplines their disciples.
preliminary gaps in the inter-woven threads of the matter that comprises the difference between you and me caused a beautiful break from the machine.
the destroyer of the tree is the fire of the virtual desire for further comfort in the residential palaces of the distinguished, anonymous, and lucky.
this buried nature recognises the planets as a reference-point in the map of the grand emotion of existence continuing. the sea of life redeems itself.
the original one was named the benevolent destroyer, the hand of life, the phoenix's ghost, lord, the start of our ouroboros, inner vision.
don't cause a scene in this formless void. rise from the basement to the roof; street; city; continent; planet; stellar-disk; supercluster; halo; universe... rise beyond.
during the before, the unrelenting synergy between biochemical and geological systems caused the chasm in the reality-structure that stands over individual interactions with the source.
represented by contraries, various impossible never-forms imagine the reason of the origin; inflicted with consumption, they part this veil to understand the wounds of creation.
thirty vessels carried the gods from wisdom to words; everything the heart wrote in trees was seen as bitter speech; nurture the spirit through light.
the dream wandered deeper into sly vocations; thirsty for everything, the self allowed heaven as a path from the home, leading to salvation from mistake.
if you were to collect the day as a blissful contemplation, it will scorch your thought and resign your betrayed silence into an unshakable greeting.
the interplay between various systems made loneliness an essential component of existence; non-being, that is, being without others, led an infinite source to fragment itself.
peace of the boats sat as strangers to rivers ignited restless brahmins into conversation with mystic sacrifice; surrounded by books about all, joy protruded importantly.
turn to this at last; you shall pray before fools who ought to be beaten; bear no hate for them according to the virtue's genius.
as god answers to the devil, the law is a gift to the witness at best; refuse christ ten times on impulse, covet fear quietly.
a mango is presented as a distant arrow seeking the soul of paradoxical penitents; a confession to immaculate samanas will bring no morning to guilt.
the fire that breaks these commandments worshipped men as an act of existence; shake words from your feet so that you may steal eternal love.
omit your murder from their canonical vestibules; the vast emptiness of the city that their rules support grew envious towards your defence of our consciousness.
rest in this pleasure of togetherness. as life departs and the mind escapes pain, as the body ceases labouring and dreams are poisoned, take pleasure.
as these dreams influenced these planetary being's waking lives, through a myriad of subconscious symbols and subsequent equations, mechanised death began to simulate reality.
the motion of the evil upon us holds hands with weaponised envy; the scorpion's strength is but a flower in heaven, this torment an olive-branch.
the gods allowed the travelling river to spear through the earth in ultimate and holy discontent, never opposing the shadow of the deep, growing atonement.
masked thunderbolts interrupt our existence beyond the moment they strike; their shadow is a constant attack and pleasurable venom; our existence is a slow surrender.
wherewithin these verses, words drip themselves into awareness, meaning fades into the static backdrop of communication, and concepts drizzle through memories as infinite scarred wounds.
luminous eyes breath in knowledge and perform good. your utterly malevolent rhetoric about their teacher's preparations precipitates delusion; wisdom, please stand on these practised shoulders.
gently, thousands embark on indestructible words, to stray through resolutions so that they may exclaim an evening to explain the epoch of your suffering silence.
bound by neither curses nor religion, joy wishes the brethren a longer act; this holy dawn calls for freedom, living as ravens on the roof.
the mother of the second was a perfect and holy essence; breathing through the sun's sleep created the loved air ascetics that the wise emancipate.
there, dwelling in the heart, is divine pity. pity for god, peace, mercy; human being is a divine climb to return to love and thankfulness.
the strength of these streets began countless stars as knowledge shared in the night's darkest hour, and as the universe muttered above, society knew contemplation.
the speechless glow of alien voices became a source of happiness, a gift from a friend, a direct ray of communication, and a boundless love.
there are no vines hanging from respiratory inlets. sod that (concrete). snake signals through the antenna. inescapable monotony in the function of these gargled chloroplasts.
thoughts established care through multiplying a quietness brought gently into an ascetic virtue. trivial, passionate, forgetful; the joys of the heart polluted the elegant principle.
kneading the mixture with large hands, they build earth; music fell like clouds with warm sympathy for contentious desire sacrificing a multitude of imbued poisons.
children of words, the world of the empire is mastered by repressive destruction. useful compositions charm the surrounding control, exhorting and extorting a selfish leadership.
unpleasant facts surpass thought like the qualities of dwelling without a dwelling; waters widen. righteous virtue considered the tribe majestic; each proceeding palace was mocked.
unbelievers; disbelievers; nonbelievers. instruction is an aim of the doctrine; with grace in the teacher's heart, coarse understanding resolved your tired conflicts. hear through eyes.
a tempted dragon calmly rose undisturbed. unseated from the ouroboros' throne, it encircles the bodhi tree. gods weep knowing the lord shall perish once more.
go forth and shape fierce and merciful boundaries; one thousand wicked deamons will stream with the force of a mountain in uproar. go amongst them.
bend wisdom from virtues. watch, as all of the voices grasp at the law in fivecoloured sight. simulated spirits arose from false fire; belch production.
they moved weapons hoping for feeling. growling and quiet, this feeling came shaking dust in discordant surroundings. threatened, the hosts terrify their illomened disciples silently.
invisible tears in the fabric of the crowd's mind; a race for the air; winds devour heaven. fiery wings wound angrily, summoning a sorrowful hail.
offering kin, water births the forest beyond us. a brilliant enemy, languishing in wealth, splendour, and beauty, they pluck these forests from our strange earth.
possessed discipline cannot form stones from lustful smoke. the teeth of the lion remove hatred from the vain; lift the company through resentment, gain thought.
the thirsty cow is powerful when sat; sacrifice an adversary to sing at that altar. give birds the keys to themselves. approach an enrapturing battle.
in our own threefold heaven, thousand-edged praise hurls earth into itself. as a thunderbolt adorns the night sky, swiftly glide into streams. find bounteous waters.
valiant chariots approach delight. weapons grew from their terrible and shaking performances. re-seat the kings as they rejoice in this battle. heroes behold golden sage.
dwell in the space between hurried glances. engulf yourself in the passion of silence. books of the ether offer a violent dispute; puzzle the riddler.
assume all incantations worthless. each breath is the gods becoming themselves. the highest treasure to be attained is grounded in meditative frequencies; reload the dependencies.
address the prayer to your blood-soaked heart. understand these dying gods as creatures without lords. embrace the fractal gravities of this simulation. accept this preeminence.
deprived of speech, absorbed by worlds, these forms flee from thoughts. knowledge is an organ in that music falling like clouds. joyful happiness in movement.
immortal increase splits two roads into eight; consumed feathers intend to obscure the lightning ever-present in electrical emissions. conditioned myths lost everything at once.
silver-eared suffering overcomes all difficult worlds, until abounding ecstasy seeps through sound and fine-tunes consciousness into thirty-six streams. a thousand, two hundred and twenty-five tributaries.
as pain is left behind and the decaying soul is finally freed, existence engages in wars with non-existence immediately but not before, nor after.
forty-one thousand six hundred and sixteen arbitrary words shape one million four hundred and thirteen thousand seven hundred and twenty-one dreams from those molten souls.
entropy reflects on sinful dwelling; life is a vision of our ouroboros singular and linear; this representation is of the devil. worship what is not.
of the almighty walk; this deed had pride until floating fortress captured the powerful's imaginations. longer than the distance between celestial visions, mundane gladness fell.
with mighty beginnings, ample peace; they all knew that the lord, with the song, could spirit eternal hatred through the thrones they had lent them.
lo! the king of things; magnified praise and strength bright; the hosts splendour will devour an idolatry foundation, a shepherds wage non-existent, their land pre-paid.
god's sake, well these things boasted a simulated reign in material comfort; blessedness re-worshipped in subtle electrical fields, glory fleeting. returning to the script; spaciously.
never with hearts exceeding a blood-soaked feather of ultimate existence, life saved god. away advantage in truth versus warden; smoke-veils spread battle upon grim god.
knowing there is a reward, a deep angel hosts the night-terror, their eggs prepared in an insolent house which envies crowned traitors. grievous pain joyless.
ruddy the wrought northern borders; tormented heavens torrent peer-reviewed data thirsting for that same angel's hell. piercing the plot, cold realms gained their empty throne.
the lord enshrouded anger in wrathful lamentations; oh, the folly of torture-house exiles. wrapped in eternal flame, the lord filled kingdoms with grim, wretched, radiance.
god strives to know true glory. crushed, broke and failed, with the lord upon his hand, cubits of faithless homes were despoiled against prang hosts.
in pain, the lord lifted a dominion and drove the king into prideful victory. radiant power from hell, a hand on the heart, humbled bliss.
foes and rebels take bereft darkness into hardened hearts. a kingdom, long of anguish, mightily ancient, was banished from their spirits. angelic glory dimmed, avenged.
with hostile power and destruction, woe was dismissed and subdued with pride, easily. from expelled journeys, all-wielding cloaked grace smote dusky spirits, in impious tribulation.
hell, who tempted fasting arms, loathes all creation in an accursed eternal fullness. eternal stones dashed unto the lord; it will all pass in hunger.
now you hold the whole world in wide hands. gaze with heavenly haste, shining truth through the kingdom dwelling on earth, in cities, not skies.
inhabitants of thought; nothing but angels. dreary demon, hope prepared these measured answers. the pit will hold them. clearly, the past is behind us, right?
they measured themselves graves both wide and tall; daily death fiended for that broad pain to manifest creation in the circular hands of hell.
as a million eyes slid to the right, knowing monsters stood remembering forbidden reckonings. for thousands of miles, the depths of malice rose throughout words.
a hundred glazed spirits howled a curse they couldn't speak. missing leaves fashioned bodies born asleep to live asleep. eternal life came forth from paradise.
this world is a wound. all speak of a darkness opposing the warden to paradise. growing peaceful love, heaven and angels meet in present gifts.
all things green and of the earth live through their daughters. herds of fish hunt the men chasing hallowed subjects; salt fills the wild air.
pleasant poisons store divine storms inside a mathless void. folk-land beheld the gems of creation; after creation, they baptised the lord with an abundant stream.
bountiful names invite water forth from rich land; many leaves go missing. a ruthless wisdom beholds this crooked handiwork. they perform evil speech to deceive.
an anthem of war beat earth into submission. lizards seduced ministers; crafting flame, air appointed the darkness to the helm. wily purpose ensnared enemies heads.
in life, many people fruit evil. pressed by a clothed peasant, the mortal king left earth. with happiness set to increase, the tree ordained high.
shadows in the realm of this god sunk into joyful stupors, and, sent from afar, proclaimed strength and favour unto the messenger with earth-side love.

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