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Mercury The Scribe
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6 Free Verse Poem

6 Free Verse Poems

posted in Dark - 09-19-19-07:03 PM
I'm a good boy.
posted in Dark - 06-04-19-05:12 PM
And darker deeds it shall witness.
posted in Dark - 05-17-19-07:12 PM
Take me to the hill and tie me to the stake
posted in Dark - 05-13-19-07:11 PM
This place is cold
posted in Dark - 05-12-19-01:54 AM

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"You find a letter on your doorstep"
posted in Sonnet by 05-15-19-04:48 PM

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Mercury The Scribe
Writer, Narrator, YouTuber, Metalhead, Pagan, all around weirdo. find my work at

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