Let the rain fall upon you and with the rain let it all go ?️♥️

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25 Free Verse Poem

25 Free Verse Poems

Memories of people sometimes become prisoners in your heart and you hold on to them for dear life even though it damages you and hurts you in the worst possible way.
posted in Dark - 09-01-20-01:45 PM
The agony of a dying heart before finally giving up and going numb is quite similar to a hopeless new start that fails to bring about any change and perishes into nothing.
posted in Dark - 09-01-20-01:25 PM
Appreciating a loved one really doesn't take much. You only have to express how you feel about them and what they mean to you and it does wonders. We should all appreciate our close ones and let them know how much we love them.
posted in Love - 09-01-20-11:10 AM
Society keeps pushing you towards becoming more social, expressive, interactive but it's okay to be a little different, to not smile all the time, to need a little space. It's okay to be a little different from others.
posted in Rants - 09-01-20-11:02 AM
At times we become exactly what we're running from and there's nothing we can do about it.
posted in Random - 09-01-20-10:43 AM

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21 year old imaginative dreamer. Persuing English literature as a major. Torn between going on adventures or hiding in a room full of books. Somewhat a singer too ?

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