Robert Trakofler
Robert Trakofler
You are the art of your reflection

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7 Free Verse Poem

7 Free Verse Poems

A meditation on the meaning
posted in Celebrations - 12-29-20-08:35 PM
posted in General - 11-10-20-01:53 PM
posted in Dark - 10-21-20-07:33 AM
I was not conscious when I wrote this but I sorta liked it
posted in Random - 10-20-20-05:05 PM
posted in Rants - 09-20-20-11:57 AM

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Robert Trakofler
I have an antiques & vintage clothing store that's also an art gallery and vegan restaurant. I use the space as a venue for poetry and music as well as for filming and photography. I am an aesthete I have a deep love for artful expressions in myriad forms. I have always been a poet but i am also a drummer and a singer and lyric writer. I enjoy repurposing my unsold antiques and trash (whatever I find) into other things and sell them. My business is minimal waste, what i don't sell I give away to food banks I even recycle my food prep waste to a local worm farm and land reclamation project. This is the theme of me… I was discarded trash somehow I managed to survive the streets, homelessness alcoholism and a brain disorder. So now I see beauty in everything I see the potential in what others disregard, I owe a great deal to the pen… in its power to heal thru introspection and ultimately understanding. That is why I write it is the sustenance of my soul and it gave me my life back.

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