"The gift you are is unmatched, life may have its mistakes ready, but you are the one that won't go back." -awritersmind21

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3 Free Verse Poem

3 Free Verse Poems

I want to manifest my dreams to make them real to make my family's life better
posted in Inspirational - 11-13-21-10:23 AM
posted in Grieving - 11-11-21-09:59 PM
This poem is about how someone else's anger can try to change how you feel
posted in Inspirational - 11-11-21-02:36 PM

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Hi, my name is awritersmind21, and I am new here. I've written a book, and I'm working on getting it published. It's already on Kindle eBooks; it's my first, so I also want to get it done through an actual publishing agency, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping everything goes for the best! I've been writing poetry since my teens off and on; it was more frequent in my 20's I'm looking for a place to post poetry and write about things that I'm currently dealing with, so it's nice to meet you all, and I hope I get to know some incredible people on here thank you!!

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